The Broker’s Survival Guide to Cryptoassets Trading and DeFi

2 min readJan 26, 2022


More and more brokers are beginning to add crypto trading to their platforms and traditional brokers now risk being left behind. The wider acceptance and adoption of bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies is driving massive growth in new crypto wallet holders.

Cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trading, unlike traditional finance products like CFD trading, came up from a grassroots movement that promised a new more transparent financial system built on code. With that movement, there is a large wave of new retail traders who have never been exposed or interested in traditional stocks, futures or CFDs.

Adding cryptocurrencies to your platform will not only provide your existing clients with new asset classes but will also be a compelling draw to new clients as well. You can even take that further with the introduction of DeFi protocols which means your customers can earn additional yield on your platform just by holding certain crypto assets.

As an FCA registered crypto custodian we have been providing brokers with a secure crypto wallet platform that supports the needs of large and growing brokerages. To help you navigate the space we have created ‘The Broker’s Survival Guide to Cryptoassets Trading & DeFi’. In this free eBook we show you:

  • Why you shouldn’t delay adding cryptocurrencies to your service offering
  • How do you connect to enough liquidity to meet speed & demand requirements
  • How regulations can affect your business & how to meet them
  • Where to secure crypto assets & how crypto custody differs from traditional solutions
  • How blockchain layer-2 solutions can eliminate counterparty credit & settlement risk
  • Why DeFi can provide brokers with a way to get ahead of competitors

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