“Excellence in overcoming inherent risks and complexities of crypto asset safeguarding and administration is becoming a key selection criterion for clients choosing institutional investors and service providers.”

Alex Batlin, Founder and CEO, Trustology

We explore two solutions — HSM vs MPC — for institutional crypto assets custody and how each…

“DeFi” DApps, or decentralised autonomous financial application services, are attracting the attention of institutional investors and service providers alike e.g. funds focused on DeFi yield, brokers sourcing liquidity from decentralised exchanges (DEXs), etc. But such DApps are neither individuals nor organisations, so how on earth do you stay compliant with…

The crypto economy is evolving at lightning speed — over$8 billion in locked DeFi value and nearly$11 billion in traded exchange volumes. The question now is does your institution have the right digital asset custodial partner at the helm for security and access?

In just a decade, we have progressed to smart contract-based blockchains supporting thousands of different crypto assets today. Ethereum blockchain technology emerged in 2013 with a promising range of possible decentralized applications or dApps. The concept of decentralised finance (DeFi) was first coined back in 2018 at a meetup hosted…


We offer institutions & individuals an insured, custodial wallet platform that makes it safer, faster & easier to safeguard & administer cryptoassets.

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