“Excellence in overcoming inherent risks and complexities of crypto asset safeguarding and administration is becoming a key selection criterion for clients choosing institutional investors and service providers.”

Alex Batlin, Founder and CEO, Trustology

We explore two solutions — HSM vs MPC — for institutional crypto assets custody and how each meets the demand for security and personal risk to the client. The long-term capital growth prospects of cryptocurrencies and digital assets have seen institutional adoption on the rise. Institutional investors and service providers in crypto markets are going to need greater scale, flexibility and added security measures to build, run…

“DeFi” DApps, or decentralised autonomous financial application services, are attracting the attention of institutional investors and service providers alike e.g. funds focused on DeFi yield, brokers sourcing liquidity from decentralised exchanges (DEXs), etc. But such DApps are neither individuals nor organisations, so how on earth do you stay compliant with AML regulations? In this article, UK based challenger law firm gunnercooke and crypto custodian Trustology share their perspectives.

Regulation of DeFi: A legal perspective on AML

No one argues with the general principle that criminals should be prevented from seeking to hide illicit gains, or that terrorism should not be…

Beeple NFT art

If you talk about Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs today, your conversation is going to end up centring on the world of Digital Art, Memes and Basketball GIFs. NFT mania has hit and everywhere you look it’s being discussed, from clubhouse talks to the evening news. Many artists are excited about the potential millions they might hope to make, yet no-one is really talking about the institutional and enterprise uses for the technology.

Why Do People Buy NFTs? Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz believes that it’s all about relationships. In an interview on ‘Thinking Crypto’, Schwartz claimed people are buying NFT collectibles…

The crypto economy is evolving at lightning speed — over$8 billion in locked DeFi value and nearly$11 billion in traded exchange volumes. The question now is does your institution have the right digital asset custodial partner at the helm for security and access?

In just a decade, we have progressed to smart contract-based blockchains supporting thousands of different crypto assets today. Ethereum blockchain technology emerged in 2013 with a promising range of possible decentralized applications or dApps. The concept of decentralised finance (DeFi) was first coined back in 2018 at a meetup hosted by early incumbents Dharma, Maker and Compound, Ox, dYdX and Wyre and has since been the narrative driver of the Ethereum protocol. It’s also today’s buzzword, following the valuations of MakerDao and Compound Finance in 2019. Still in its infancy, DeFi continues to go from strength-to-strength, now having over $8…

Decoding an Ethereum Transaction with Trustology

If you want to do anything interesting in Ethereum, you will have to interact with smart contracts. Whether you want to send ERC20 tokens like LINK or DAI, trade non-fungible tokens like digital art, or earn interest on your crypto and interact with other DeFi products, a smart contract is always involved.

However, smart contracts are becoming increasingly complex. From proxy contracts to allow for upgradeability, to multi-send contracts that allow for the batching of transactions, what we are seeing is a rapid evolution of features that allow for the movement of one’s assets.

You’ve also got DeFi transactions, they…


We offer institutions & individuals an insured, custodial wallet platform that makes it safer, faster & easier to safeguard & administer cryptoassets.

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